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Brick Chimney

Safety in the Home

Your safety is our concern. By sweeping your chimney regularly, you will minimise the build-up of soot and other debris that could constrict the chimney flue.

Cleaning your chimney can prevent chimney fires and reduce the risk of harmful carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide entering your home.

Cleaning allows our qualified tradesman to inspect the condition of your chimney and to advise on preventative maintenance where necessary. Checks include:

  • External pot condition
  • Pointing and brickwork condition
  • Cap condition
  • Internal flue condition

We recommend that chimneys are cleaned:
Once a year if you use smokeless fuels, bitumous coal or if an oil or gas based appliance is used in the flue.
Twice a year if you burn wood, and every 3 months during heavy usage periods.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is very nasty stuff indeed. You can't see it, smell it or taste it but it can kill you.

CO stops the blood from absorbing oxygen. Even relatively low exposure can cause you to feel tired, nauseous, headachy and dizzy when you stand up. It can also cause chest pains, stomach pains, palpitations and diarrhoea. Permanent injury can occur to oxygen rich tissue, like the heart or brain.

CO leakage can occur from a number of household appliances including your boiler, cooker, fireplace, gas heaters, gas water heaters. It is also given off by charcoal or gas burning barbeques. Such appliances should be checked and serviced regularly by an appropriately qualified technician. Your boiler should be serviced annually.

You are at risk of CO poisoning if:

  • Your chimney or flue is blocked
  • There is inadequate ventilation in your home
  • Equipment is not working properly